Wooooaaaahhhh i would really like to see some good romantic feels between Woo Do-Hwan and Ryu Hwa-Young even if it's just my imagination anyway i hope that they are going to be good pair together even if they are not going to be lovers in the drama hahaah. Season 2 pleaseeeeeee??? Anyone know the ending songs in ep 1 and 2? 1:47. Still waiting for RHY and WDH to be leads in a drama together. Thank you for showing excellent acting to makeit an interesting drama despite low ratings.Daebak, Legolas Hair Nov 10 2017 2:56 pm The writing is smart, not perfect, but that's a rare commodity anyway. !..I WANT SEASON 2,PLEASE!!! I'm so in love with this drama! Tae Dec 02 2017 1:36 pm I look forward to watch future episodes. They haven't any kind of kiss and intimate scene. Make this drama Season 2 pleaseee...Love it so so much.. Rorrro Apr 08 2018 9:50 am i think the drama is going to rock. Christopher 'Mad Dog' Russo, The Morning Men with Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik, Adam Schein, Pat McAfee, and Patrick Meagher talk about the world of sports. I mean to whom do we rally to or something?? evanessa Dec 22 2017 3:20 pm it was fantastic drama not an single moment to miss every plot is good and the bounding and team work of Mad Dog it was just fabulous. and the plot twists and the smooth scenes always came up to end each episode. Woo Do Hwan is the best actor, Ellie Sep 03 2017 10:30 pm NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) Jac Oct 20 2017 10:10 pm Before that, they just let you get familiar with the main leads and the story itself, which is imho a good thing to do, for the viewers to actually understand this complicated but wonderful story. With Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco, Steve Zahn. this drama was so good.. something that will mke u think to solve the case.. every week i was so excited to wait for next ep.. whats wrong wth the rating.. there must be others drama on other tv that more popular than this drama.. i must find it. Main Cast & Characters. Park Sung-Hoon - Go Jin-Cheol. Daebakkkkkk. I am eagerly waiting for this drama to see acting performance of actor Woo Do Hwan.. he is outstanding in the dramas sweet stranger and save me..in save me, his acting was par excellent. The plot sounds similar to 38 squad. BTW. love u hwa young waiting for your romantic dramas. Laurie Kennedy as Judge Edna Shields 5. What of Kim Min Joon and Jang Ha Ri romance......why would they keep teasing us like that till the end...Would it kill them to even give the two characters a kiss scene even if it was at the last episode ,,would it?? I hope it will get better rating. Her role as villain reminds me to Jim Carrey's villain role. Hwayoungggg^_^. Woo do hwan and Ryu Hwayoung, this couple have a great chemistry! The acting is spot on. Im totally in love with this drama. And Hope There will be an unexpected-little-romantic-scene inside. Ruffa Oct 20 2017 7:38 am Hear Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, Evan Cohen & Mike Babchik on Morning Men, Adam Schein. And the bold and beautiful Hwa young from Father is strange and Age of youth. Milk shake Nov 28 2017 12:32 pm I guess that kdrama Save Me was a hit. And we can see that the ratings are stable, which may mean that the people who began watching the series in the first episodes are still watching it now... Watching only for Woo Do Hwan, I love his acting so much. Hafiz Oct 12 2017 7:32 am jackie l Jul 04 2020 1:49 am I loved this drama. Writer-nim please start writing one❤? Thank you so much Mad Dog. Olyn Oct 03 2017 9:05 am I am not sure why the rating is low. I can't forgetting the mad dog squad until now. Hwaiting chingus!! New York City. So thanks to the writer for an elucidating piece of work. @amal soula Official Sites Hoops Oct 11 2017 9:37 pm cant wait until Min-joon and HaRi become official hahaha. Hong Su Hyeon Missed this Unni glad she's back. I'm so loving this drama, I can't wait for the next episode with Hwa-Young & Woo do Hwan I hope they get together so excited!! jang, pentium oppa, chitah'ssi and ms. oh~ hope to see woo dohwan on another drama again soon~ ?? ?and this ahjusshi in healer?? If hwa young not acting in this drama,i would like to watch it but she is in here so...no for me even though the story seems interesting? its like she like him, virgo Jan 22 2018 8:08 am Pentium&Cheetah relationship is socuteee and u don't say about Minjoon&Hari . I feel like seeing crime drama with warm family touch feels. I will wait they chemistry. Eorin-B Sep 25 2017 4:44 pm MinJoon❤️HaRi??? This drama is so amazing! blossom Oct 22 2017 5:12 pm all the best babe. Please air it again for season 2, because the love story of the day with Kim Min Joon hasn't been shown too much, hopefully in season 2 there will be discussion of characters like jang ha ri whose father was deceived by insurance and others, because the first mad dog only focused to Kim Min Joon and Choi Kang Woo, I hope KBS2 wants to broadcast season 2 with the same cast, Misha Apr 30 2020 1:11 am I hope there is another pair of WDH and RHY. ?overall loved it sooo sooo sooo much ??? I love this couple so much?? reading the synopsys i'm guessing this is like an amercan series "Laverage"??? Please season 2!! Mad Dog is a private investigation team that reveals insurance fraud cases. Omgggggg! MM Nov 30 2017 1:02 pm Yoo Ji Tae as Choi Kang Woo (codename Mad Dog) Woo Do Hwan as Kim Min Joon / Jan Gebauer (codename Dr. Kim) Ryu Hwa Young as Jang Ha Ri (codename Player Jang) Jo Jae Yoon as Park Soon Jung (codename Cheetah) Kim Hye Sung as … It should’ve been nurse Oh Seora or Park Mooshin! I really like it ??? ?? But not only the couples..the bromance and friendship,so family-like Mad Dogs is AMAZING. woo do-hwan is ❤️❤️❤️.. How can I not watch this after see him being so effin' hot in Save Me?? // Oct 22 2017 12:37 am Mad ep.