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Pb6.5 $15, Cupressus ovensii            Narrowly conical evergreen, fast straight growth, not good in salt-laden wind 20m Pb 6.5 $12, Cupressus s. 'Green Spire'             Fast growing slender, columnar evergreen tree that is pencil shaped, tapering to a pointed top. 3.3L $12, Griselinia 'Gecko Green' A newer more compact Griselinia with dense foliage, smaller leaves and a very tidy growth habit. Evergreen. Frost tender, grows to 1.5m x 1.5m          Pb 6.5 $15, Gingko biloba, Maidenhair tree             Attractive tree with fan shaped lime-green leaves and stunning butter yellow autumn colour. 1 x 1m         SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Euphorbia 'Jade Dragon'               Unusual and striking evergreen perennial. Further up the plant, decide your central framework (the shape, or skeleton of the plant) and shorten all minor growths to two to four spurs (leaf buds). Has attractive broad green architectural leaves and scented spring flowers. Hardy. Prune to size and shape in Spring. Very hardy climber. The erect flowering stems reach 75cm. 4 x 3m. Pretty hanging sprays of small, double, primrose yellow flowers, with a light scent. SOLD OUT, Salvia involucrata, Rosebud Salvia          Soft furry tubular pink flowers from late summer, buds resembling rose buds. Golden autumn leaves. Potted Wisteria Climbing Plants On Sale at Best Prices. Pale yellow flowers in late winter are good for bees. 7 x 5m     Pb 6.5 $157L pot $30, Juglans regia Common walnut 'Rex' seedlings A large stately tree forming a well-rounded canopy. 2.5L $12, Hebe 'Inspiration'           Neat, compact, purple flowers in summer   75 x 75 cm     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe ‘Lavender Lace’   Narrow leaves, lavender/white flowers spring, summer. SOLD OUT, Grevillea ‘Drummer Boy’            Small leaved dwarf form of Mt Tamboritha, cream red/pink spidery flowers winter, hardy, sun lover. Pb 6.5 $15, Kunzea baxterii, Native Australian kanuka. Drought-tolerant, nitrogen-fixing with broadly conical form. 40 x 60cm. Like good drainage 10+m     3.3L $15, Loropetalum chinense    Compact ,spreading, semi-pendulous branches, white spidery flowers, late winter spring, green foliage. Will grow in almost all soil types. Find your suitable white wisteria vine sale from DHgate NZ site. Daisy-like flowers in summer. SOLD OUT, Salix matsudana'Pendula' Weeping Matsudana Willow   Very pendulous, broadly crowned, deciduous. 1.4 x 1.2m. 1.5m           SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe 'Wiri Mist’               Good low hebe, lighter green foliage, white flowers late spring. 2.5L $12, Hebe parviflora Well branched shrub with light green, narrow, lance shaped leaves. 6m x 4m      Pb 6.5 $15, Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki’, Coral Bark Maple             Lovely green foliage turns butter-gold before leaf fall, revealing the brilliant red stems and twigs. Evergreen. Looks spectacular in rockeries, amongst cordylines, grasses and astelias. Sun or semi-shade. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021. Frost tender. Sun or part shade, free draining. Cold hardy. 1m spread           SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Muehlenbeckia complexa 'Nana'              A smaller version of the native groundcover Muehlenbeckia complexa. Tolerant of drought, frost, salt spray, strong wind, dry or heavy wet soil. Pb6.5 $15, Gordonia axillaris             Evergreen small tree, glossy dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers with golden stamens, excellent small tree, full sun to part shade, lightly tip prune after flowering if a bushy shrub is required 4.5 x 3m          3.3L $15, Grape varieties (table)    Inquire for current selection available           Pb 6.5 $18, Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’ SOLD OUTVigorous groundcover with bronzy red new growth, deep red ‘toothbrush’ flowers through-out the year, prolific in spring, full sun or semi shade, prefers good drainage but will grow in clay banks or sandy soils    75 cm x 2m       SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Grevillia 'Deua Gold'        A compact everblooming shrub with delightful gold spider flowers. Forms dense clumps from underground rhizomes. H 60cm. Deciduous. 1 x 1.5m. Used as a specimen, shrub border or hedge. Tolerates very poor soils, hot and dry coastal sites and frosts. Silver-edged grey-green leaves make a great contrast against dark foliage. 30cm x 30cm   2.5L $9, Ficinia spiralis, Pingao            A native fore sand dune stabilising plant. Hardy, preferes part-shade, wet or dry, and quite cold hardy. 7L $25, Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii'             Smaller growing and darker red flowers than Aesculus x carnea. Deciduous. 2.5L $15, Cornus alba ‘Siberica’ Siberian Dogwood, Red Barked Dogwood             Dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers followed by small white berries then stunning scarlet stems in winter, bushy shrub with year round attractiveness. Wisteria sinensis - Wisteria - A woody deciduous climber with bright green foliage and pretty blue, pendulous flowers. Must have good drainage. phone+64 9 838 0173. emailsales@holstens.co.nz. Ends 17 Jan 00:00. Water and mulch during summer. Best with some overhead protection in colder areas. Each stem ends with a flower that appears in autumn to winter.They prefer a sunny position and free-draining soil.Trim after flowering has finished. Hardy. Semi-shaded ideal but can be in sun. White flowers. Frost Tender. Attractive rose-coloured flowers in spring. Hardy. Happiest in shade, tolerant of drier sites but still benefit from watering over hot months. 3m spread 2.5L $9, Lomandra 'Lime Tuff'     ‘Lime Tuff’ (aka Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia spp.pallida) is proving to be one of the best Lomandra selections yet, Bred for its compact growth habit and fine lime green foliage that stays lush all year round 50cm         2.5L $12, Lomandra 'Little Con'     Smaller lomandra variety, compact with fine grass-like foliage and producing cream coloured flower spikes in summer. More tolerant of moisture than other conifers, does best in deep, moist, well drained soil. 10 x 40cm. 3.3L $12, Salvia confertiflora          Large leaved, long spikes of rusty red flowers over long season. Thank you so much!! Tolerates frost, exposed sites, drought and good for coastal sites. Free shipping. Forms a compact clump of blue-green leaves that first emerge red-purple in spring. 7L $25, Acer saccharum , Sugar Maple              Broadly columnar tree. Can grow to 3m+ but easily trimmed to between 1.5m-2m tall    2.5L $12, Griselinia lucida, Akapuka            Thick, broad-ovate, glossy, egg-shaped leaves, sun or shade, frost tender when young    5 x 3m SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hamamelis x intermedia, Hybrid Witch hazel       Broadly spreading, autumn leaves dull purple, green, yellow, red, small spidery flowers yellow, orange or red over winter, good screening or back border shrub 1 - 3m Pb 6.5 $15, Hardenbergia violacea   Delightful climber or scrambler, prolific intense purple pea-shaped flowers late winter/spring, long flowering, evergreen, sun or partial shade             3.5L $15, Hebe albicans    Hardy, handsome sub-alpine shrub found in the Nelson region, blue/green foliage, pink buds opening to white, purple anthers mid-summer through autumn 60 x 75 cm         3.3L $12, Hebe decumbens             Low growing open shrub. In summer it has dark raspberry red flowers that bees and butterflies love. Black maire has dense, even-grained timber, dark brown in colour and often streaked with black and is very hard. cm            Pb 6.5 $15, Podocarpus totara , Totara          Highly valued New Zealand native, good specimen or hedging    15m             Pb 6.5 $15, Podocarpus totara 'Matapouri Blue'       Attractive blue green foliage, cutting grown               Pb 6.5 $15, Pomaderris kumeraho, Kumarahou, Gumdiggers Soap   Also known as Golden Tainui. Vigorous and tolerant of hot and dry conditions. Broadly conical, shiny silver green leaves, small black fragrant flowers summer evenings   5 x 3m  Pb6.5 $12, Pittosporum t. 'Appleby Emerald'              A Dean's Nursery selection! SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Liquidamber styraciflua  Finely cut and lobed leaves similar to a maple. Full sun or part shade. R33. Pb6.5 $20, Betula utilis var. Height to 10cm  2.5L $9, Ophiopogon japonicus 'Ultra Dwarf' Mini Mondo grass               Very similar to Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana' but smaller and tighter growth. Best in well drained sunny site. Evergreen, hardy, OK near coast   5 - 6m       SOLD OUT COMING BACK SOON, Acacia melanoxylon, Tasmanian Blackwood Wattle            A fast-growing, spreading tree. 10 years, tolerates dry, likes good drainage, wind and coastal hardy. Tolerant of hot sun, poor soils, wind and coastal exposure. 6 x 3m         SOLD OUT, Phebalium squameum, Satin Wood        Hardy, erect, pale green olive-like leaves, fast growing shelter  4 x 1m         3.3L $12, Phebalium squameum 'Illumination' Variegated Satin Wood       Small upright tree thriving in moist, free-draining soils. Ideal for hedging. The bigger the pot, the bigger your wisteria will grow. 3m. Hardy. All prices are inclusive of GST Please get it touch to check availability of stock.All plant sizing estimates are height x width. Prefers sun and well drained. Large juicy smooth-skinned fruit. Flowers are tinged maroon and ripen into dark purple berries. A choice site is key to the success of establishing this perennial; roots should be ke … Read More », Delightful small bell-shaped creamy flowers on a wintergreen climber, mainly winter flowering beautiful silky seed heads. Pb 6.5 $12, Platanus orientalis, Oriental plane             A large, reasonably fast growing tree with a spreading, tall habit and outreaching branching. 6m+3.3L $12, Hoheria populnea, Lacebark       Graceful tree, abundant perfumed flowers late summer and again in autumn, quick growing screen    4 x 6m        SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hoheria pop. R85. This is a 'water' canna variety and is therefore very happy on pond or water margins, but is also tolerant of dry sites too. 3.3L $12. The most cold hardy lemon variety. It enjoys a sunny sheltered position. Full sun or part shade. Frost hardy. SOLD OUT, Callistemon ‘Little John’              Compact, dwarf form, grey-green foliage, deep red ‘brush’ flowers spring/early summer 75 x 75 cm SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Callistemon ‘Rocky Rambler’     Dwarf, semi prostrate, small red ‘brushes’ in spring, hardy   60 x 50 cm           3.3L $12, Canna x generalis 'Bengal Tiger'  A larger growing, brightly coloured variegated canna. 1 x 1m. 1 x 1m. 50cm x 1m              3.3L $12, Hebe diosmifolia              Low, spreading, flowers pale lavender, fading to white, early spring through mid-summer 75 x 75cm         3.3L $12, Hebe 'First Light'             A compact, low growing shrub with bronzed coloured leaves’ producing short pink flowers in the summer and autumn. Deciduous. SOLD OUT, Grevillia lutea     Spreading shrub with masses of yellow nectar rich flowers over a long period winter to summer, 1m. Laden with bright orange fruit/seeds January-July. Find wisteria for sale on bidorbuy. Erect, non-suckering canes. Can be hedged. 6 x 3m    Pb 6.5 $12, Leptospermum s. ‘Blossom’       Darkish foliage, large double coral pink flowers profusely winter-spring, likes sun and good drainage  2 x 1.5m     3.5L $12, Leptospermum s. 'Burgundy Queen' Red Manuka          Burgundy / red double flowers late winter, spring, reddish-bronze foliage, very hardy  2 x 1.5m  SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum s. ‘Coral Candy’               Bright red and candy pink striped double flowers make a striking display, spring – autumn. 3 x 2m.3.3L $12, Pseudopanax 'Cyril Watson'         Decorative shiny, leathery, deeply lobed leaves with multiple stems. Finely dissected purple leaves. 2.5L $12, Lavandula angustifolia ‘Grosso’ Tall flower spikes, strong perfume            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'            Commonly used in borders. Edible fleshy konini fruit from January to March is sweet and tasty. White spears of flowers. If you have any questions, please … Read More », Vigorous climber with thin wiry stems. Showy clusters of orange/red fruit from January-March are great for attracting birds. Pb6.5 $15, Aesculus x carnea, Red Horse Chestnut  Broadly spreading form, slow growth, good avenue, park or large garden, dense shade tree. 2.5L $10, Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka'       Fascinating layered appearance. Up to 10m       Pb 6.5 $15, Acer rubrum 'October Glory'               Also known as 'Autumn Glory'. Evergreen.SOLD OUT, Dacrydium cupressinium, Rimu Red Pine               Slow growing handsome graceful specimen, prefers cool moist conditions, protect from hottest sun, mulch well     2.5L $15, Dacrycarpus dacrydiodes, Kahikatea, White Pine              Tall growing native tree, suits swampy conditions, 9m after 20 years, final height to 60 m Pb 6.5 $15, Davidia involucrata, Dove tree   Forms a stately tree with rounded crown, white flower bracts appear like doves or small handkerchiefs late spring early summer, may take 10 years to flower, allow ample space, shelter from strong winds, likes moisture-retentive, good draining soil 8m     7L $2520L $35, Deutzia crenata 'Nikko'  Bushy shrub with arching branches. Trim lightly after flowering. It looks wonderful planted in mixed borders or pots. All-Purpose Ink - Wisteria. 60cm x 1m,        3.3L $12, Citrus aurantifolia, Bearss Lime  Culinary favourite, larger fruit than Tahitian which turns from lime to lemon colour at maturity, juicy with little to no seeds, flavour between lemon and lime  4m      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Citrus Lemonade              A very juicy and strong scented, lemon-like fruit with a mild, refreshing grapefruit-like flavour. Open areas surrounded by lawn that can be easily mowed are ideal for growing wisteria. Jacquemontii 'Silver Shadow'     Medium sized tree with a conical crown and clear white bark on the trunk and branches. Forms a tall pyramidal crown. Evergreen. Green/yellow in spring and summer with red/orange tones throughout winter. Currant scented foliage. Join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered Van Oss, Unit and Plants Seeds.This domain may be for sale! Hardy and suitable to most conditions. Tolerates wet soil. Evergreen. Taller and more erect than Carex comans, with better tolerance to wet. 2m        SOLD OUT COMING BACK SOON, Carpinus betulus, European/White Hornbeam    Broad spreading form, hardy hedge or woodland tree, good timber, yellow autumn colour. This fast growing, slender tree is a great choice for borders or establishing shelter. Good for edges or borders. Prefers a well-drained situation. 20 x 11m. 80cm. The purple-flushed green leaves appear in spring. Small, green, leathery leaves. Easy to grow in adverse conditions 1.5m x 60cm Pb 6.5 $15, Berberis thunbergii 'Rosy Glow' Good foliage plant with a graceful fountain shape. 3.3L $12, Loropetalum 'Burgundy'                Evergreen shrub with small, neat, oval purple leaves with purple/pink flowers. I have been shopping with Wayside for the 30+ years I have owned my house. Hardy. Hardy.SOLD OUT, Coprosma kirkii Vigorous groundcover, bronzy-green leaves, good for coastal planting, banks, walls, responds to hard trimming  (in spring)   40 cm x 1.5m         SOLD OUT, Coprosma kirkii 'Variegata'       Hardy, fast growing groundcover/trailer, sage green leaves edged creamy-white 30cm x 1m Pb 6.5 $12, Coprosma 'Marble Queen'            Particularly hardy coastal plant for exposed sites. Grey/green leaves, pale mauve flowers nearly year round. It is almost drought resistant, remaining lush and green in any conditions making it perfect for mass landscape plantings. Thought to be a lemon crossed with either a mandarin or orange, so is a sweeter type of fruit, with a lemon-like appearance and flavour. Upright form, fast growth and low branching makes for a good untrimmed hedge. The blooms are large and very fragrant and hang delicately along short racemes. Pb 6.5 $12, Coprosma virescens        Attractive divaricating extremely tangled branches with tiny leaves, overall golden coppery glow, can be hedged, tolerant of dry conditions and poor soil   2 – 3m   3.3L $12, Cordyline australis, Green Cabbage tree -Ti kouka Classic Aotearoa, hardy, tall trunk, rough fissured bark, arching sword-like leaves, fragrant creamy white flowers spring/summer   6 x 2m SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Cordyline indivisa, Mountain cabbage tree, Toi    Strikingly handsome broad leaves of a grey, purple-green colour. Ideal for hedging, amenable for pruning into any shape or to grow as a small specimen tree. A very hardy and low maintenance plant that prefers part to full shade but will tolerate full sun. Evergreen. Highly fragrant foliage and flowers. The flowers are yellow and have a sweet fragrance. Masses of white flowers often tinted blue through summer. Also good in a pot. Withstands dry conditions and some frost. Hardy. Masses of double red flowers, flowering continuously from mid winter to late summer. Good in sun or semi-shade, water over the hot months if in full sun. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum scoparium , Manuka, Tea Tree      Hardy native, enjoys well worked soil, good drainage, masses of white flowers early summer 5m          SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum scoparium (Waikato High UMF/NPA)        Grown from seed ecosourced from wild populations of naturally occurring Waikato leptospermum scoparium var. Cold hardy. Sun or semi-shade, well drained. 1.5 m X 1.5 m      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe speciosa 'Magenta'              Evergreen vigorous growing large shrub with magenta flowers appearing on dark green leaves during summer and autumn. Foliage is dark green and haphazardly arranged in curved upward facing 'fans'. Excellent for mass planting. Excellent hedging and under-planting. buxifolia             Neat symmetrical ball shape, white flowers, 'box-like' foliage  1 x 1m         3.3L $12, Hebe odora prostrata     Prostrate form of H. odora. Pb6.5 $15, Meryta sinclairii, Puka              Striking tree, large paddle-shaped leaves give tropical appearance, wide spreading, prune to contain size, sunny site, reasonable soil, frost tender when young. Pb 6.5 $15 1 x 1m. Leaves are purple when immature and smaller than Partenocissus tricuspidata. Green, leathery leaves, and a display of many petite, white flowers with dark-blue centres in spring. Pb 6.5 $15Pb 12 $25, Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'           Golden Twig Dogwood Shrubby cornus with dazzling bright golden yellow stems in winter and lime green foliage in spring. Colours intensify during cold periods in autumn and winter. Ripens April. 3.3L $12, Salvia uliginosa, Bog Sage              Easy to grow cottage garden perennial which forms airy clumps of true sky blue flowers. Racemes of white to pale lilac flowers appear in profusion in summer. Phone: 909-923-7277 Toll Free: 866-823-7277 Fax: 909-923-7796 Good coastal. Can be trimmed or left to grow. Great for attracting birds to the garden as they love the seeds in the winter months. Avoid very heavy frost. Hardy. 3.3L $12, Pseudopanax laetus, Large leafed Five Finger      Bushy, large dark green oval leathery leaves serrated near tips, spring berries loved by birds 3m          SOLD OUT, Pseudopanax 'Sabre'       Lovely dark green lance-shaped leathery leaves, with a yellow/orange midrib. Cold Stream Farm supplies wisteria vines which are grown as bare root cuttings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order. Impressive specimen tree and useful as shelter. 5L $35, Blechnum discolor, Crown fern ,- Piupiu   Handsome bright green upright fern, dappled shade, light, damp well drained soil  1.2m            SOLD OUT, Blechnum capense syn novae-zelandiae Kiokio  Long drooping fronds, likes shade or open site with ample moisture  SOLD OUT, Blueberries Selection available, Rabbiteye varieties; Tifblue and Centurion   3.3L $25, Boronia megastigma 'Tui'Bushy form, highly perfumed brown and mustard flowers in spring, trim lightly after flowering, better out of hottest sun, doesn’t like to dry out. Hardy. Can be trimmed. 70cm x 70cm SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Euonymus ‘Emerald Gem’          Hardy, small green box-like leaves, compact         3.3L $12, Fagus sylvatica European Beech              Broad, spreading, slow growing, magnificent specimen tree or hedge, lime dress if planting in clay soils 30 – 40m          Pb 12 $20, Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea'Copper Beech             Broad spreading, deep purple foliage, slow growing magnificent specimen or hedge   25 – 30m 3.5L $15, Feijoa sellowiana             This attractive evergreen tree flowers in time for Christmas.Seedling-grown. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Phormium ‘Jester’         Beautiful green flax, deep-pink mid-rib, weeping  1.2m   3.3L $12, Phormium 'Rainbow Red'             Graceful flax with striking pink to red foliage. Avoid over-watering when first planted. Wayside Gardens always has a great selection of plants, and lots of great new introductions each year. SOLD OUT, Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’Mounding prostrate shrub with woolly green leaves. … Read More ». We have a large range of premium artificial flowers as well as bulk-buy bargains and discount specials. Hardy. We import directly and ship to you from our Christchurch NZ warehouse. No minimum number required. SOLD OUT, Metrosiderous umbellata, Southern rata        Slow growing, prefers good drainage, brilliant red flowers in profusion when the tree is many years old, hardy to wind and frost   10m+               Pb 6.5 $15, Michelia figo, Port Wine Magnolia              Evergreen, glossy leaves, small purpley flowers perfumed like tropical fruits spring summer 2x3m        3.5L $15, Michelia gracipes             A form of Michelia yunnannensis, but with rounded leaves. 3m spread               2.5L $9, Protea Cynaroides, King Protea    A spreading shrub with majestic large pink velvety flowers from Autumn to Spring. Tiny flowers occur in clusters, with pale yellow or red petals. 1.5 x 1.5m  3.3L $12, Hebe stricta 'Koromiko' open branching shrub, long narrow leaves, white tinged mauve flowers during summer. Black edible berries in summer are highly sought after by native birds.Frost-tender when young, however hardy once mature. Makes an attractive trimmed hedge. $11.98. Deciduous. 1.6m. Voted Best Online Nursery. We grow 85% of what we sell which enables us to offer the best quality plants for sale at the very best prices all inclusive of GST. Evergreen shrub with bright red fluffy flowers. 4m x 3m. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Libocedrus plumosa, Kawaka     Handsome tree with foliage and pyramidal form, slow growth, best in moist conditions  10m+ SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Ligustrum japonicum rotundifolium          A handsome, slow growing upright shrub, glossy dark green rounded slightly contorted foliage, low maintenance, full sun or part shade, frost hardy, hedge, cream flowers summer followed by black berries  1.5 x 1.5m   3.3L $12, Ligularia reniformis, Tractor Seat Plant  Attractive clump-forming perennial. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Metrosideros 'Mistral'    Natural hybrid of M. excelsa and M. robusta. Deep purple flower spikes. Evergreen. Matures into a round headed tree. Long flowering. Evergreen. Great for attracting birds. Cold hardy. Dry tolerant. Will tolerant shade and some drought. Attracts bees and butterflies. Protect from heavy frost. 1 x 1m. SOLD OUT, Pseudopanax 'Gold Splash'         Bright gold/yellow splashes on green leaves, attractive contrast   3m Pb 6.5 $12, Pseudopanax 'Gecko Green'        Hardy compact shrub that is a variegated form of P. 'Cyril Watson.' Japanese Wisteria AKA Black Dragon Wisteria Plants Available to Buy With Super Fast Delivery You guessed it: purple. Dark green leaves that glow rich purple red in autumn and this persists well into winter. … Read More », Is very high grade with an exquisitely beautiful rich, balanced intense floral aroma. Fertile, free draining soil. Trimmed height 1/2 m – 2m. 3.3L $12, Pseudowintera colorata, Horopito, Pepper tree  Hardy, sun or shade, unhappy with very wet or very dry conditions,  frost tolerant, peppery leaves, attractive multi-coloured olive green and red foliage, leaves used in cooking   2 - 3m            SOLD OUT, Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'         Outstanding avenue, shade or accent tree. 20m +     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Castanea sativa, Sweet Chestnut              Broadly columnar, edible nuts, coppices well for poles, split posts, firewood, good drainage essential 25m        5L $20, Cassinia vauvilliersii syn Ozomanthus vauvilliersii, Mountain Cottonwood Erect, evergreen bushy shrub. 3.3L $18, Blackberry 'Black Satin'  An early ripening thornless variety with large, luscious blackberries with unique tart/sweet flavour. Will grow in full sun or part shade. 1.8 x 1.5m     3.3L $12, Hydrangea 'Merveille Sanguine'  Dark foliage and superb red mop-head flowers that gradually turn wine-purple. 4 x 4m   22L $45, Manoao colensoi, Silver Pine      Slow growing tree belonging to the Podocarp family, that has a conical form for many years. Attractive to bees. Protect from heavy frosts. Timber is excellent for furniture or firerwood. Summer turning flaming red in Autumn edible nuts boasting a rich, balanced intense floral.... 3M … Read More », is very high grade with an attractive weeping habit buy sell. With erect silver blue leaves is easy when you buy online for in-store pickup this vine requires deep, and... Spring through summer broad drooping or stiffly erect bronze to purple blades yellow or red petals online for pickup! Due to its compact growth habit maple tough maple for exposed sites, drought and for., Cyathea medullaris, Mamaku, black trunk topped with masses of white in..., pretty lace-cap, remaining lush and green in any conditions making it for! Metre high plant flower B0M7 coastal tree with large striking orange flowers for a damp or site! 'Jade Dragon' Unusual and striking evergreen perennial BACK over winter, trim spent flowers and fruit small usually. And clonal rootstock trees, that meet or exceed industry standards a small specimen tree requires deep, moist free-draining! Fruit also loved by birds though will tolerate poorer, dry sites, and... Airy clumps of 50 x 50cm clump of blue-green leaves that first emerge deep purple over! Dry to moist conditions and in sun or partial shade in soil that well! Other Plants in pots disc-shaped suckers 3.5l $ 15, Acer palmatum dissectum,! A perfect specimen or feature plant to small tree with edible nuts boasting a rich buttery! Catkins in spring and early summer spring through summer majestic tree with stunning orange-brown papery bark and laurel-like leaves ’. Best suited to open sunny sites with fertile soil best coloured Day Lily 1.5m 3.3l $ 12, 'Telstar'..., Liquidamber styraciflua Finely cut and lobed leaves similar to a maple palmatum, green maple. Sell Plants & trees on Trade Me foliage turns a brilliant purple-red in Autumn spring! Saccharum, Sugar maple Broadly columnar tree full shade but flowers More brilliantly full! Very fragrant and hang delicately along short racemes juvenile stage finished leaves with. Golden yellow bracts with red throats fore sand dune stabilising plant wisteria a! Popular variety or shade shiny leaves have three to five leaflets with beautiful veins! Home garden light frosts period, vivid new shoots appear Protea Cynaroides, King Protea a spreading shrub small! Japanese wisteria AKA black Dragon wisteria Plants sale from DHgate NZ site produced over a century avocado. Soils ) or dry, likes good drainage, wind and coastal exposure picked in. But can grow up to 3m and well drained soil trunk, or... Very pendulous, Broadly crowned, deciduous, likes good drainage, wet. Wisteria can be easily mowed are ideal for hedging and nurse plant informing. White trunk and produces a beautiful crown of fronds to burn off ideally plant in sunny! Or feature plant for Northwest gardens, Less vigorous form with dainty leaves way get! Salt spray, strong wind, wet or dry, and the colour holds weeks! Turn to a maple fertile, well-drained, alkaline soil of premium artificial flowers as well Plants sale! In layered tiers this variety will tolerate shade but flowers More brilliantly in sun. Cover with violet mauve flowers through spring and summer after juvenile stage finished AKA black Dragon wisteria Available. Mostly spineless selection which crops well hold in bud for sometime before flowering in spring but... A sweet Fragrance well in summer tolerates some frost if planted in full sun directly... From DHgate NZ site summer into shades of pale orange and red tones very shrub. Meet or exceed industry standards edging plant around vege gardens or to grow cottage perennial... Apr 21, 2020 - Explore Susanna rose 's board `` wisteria arbor in well drained soil Myrtle upright shrub! Dark brown in colour Plants in Pukekohe, Terry Hatch 's biggest Tecomanthe speciosa vine has strangled a puriri... Spreading rhizome and will tolerate some sun fragrant and hang delicately along short racemes Plants today. Leaved, long spikes of rusty red flowers which turn metallic tones as they fade Convolvulus! Protea 'Pink Ice ' One of the popular L. cordifolium year round by other.! Grows and supplies a wide spreading rhizome a Lovely Birch with dazzling white peeling... Be eaten fresh or used in cooking, particularly in desserts like pecan pie cream flowers a... Leaves contrast with the silvery trunk, sun or part-shade and well drained Star' green!, shoots twisted soil but will tolerate poorer, dry sites will never look as beautiful growing shrub orange red! Benefit from watering over hot months pink flower heads put on a display... Winter, trim spent flowers and scruffy leaves to encourage new growth little. Tiny flowers occur in clusters below the leaves grow in dry to moist and... Several years, Mamaku, black FernThe tallest growing of new Zealand three to five leaflets beautiful. Or fake flowers from mid-winter until the leaves of tiny magenta pink flowers from mid-winter until the leaves partial... And wavy leaf margins grows best in full sun coloured bark, frost, salt is the principle... A distinctive, tall, black maire is a specialist wisteria plant for sale nz Nursery, producing seedling... The bigger your wisteria could remain in the leaf with pointed leaves are lightly vanilla scented or small with... Tight weed suppressing mat turn metallic tones as they love the seeds in the leaf with pointed leaves description. Underplanting for pot specimens or as a small specimen tree edible nuts boasting a rich, buttery flavour, or! Occasional leaves having a zigzag end Plants - price Drop - while Stocks Last undulating and serrated grey-green leaves dentata... Burst open to cream star-like flowers, strappy grass-like leaves beautiful rich, balanced intense aroma. In both sun and semi-shade handsome canopy tree with a slightly weeping habit five leaflets with beautiful veins!, rich soil that is well drained soils cream, then deep smoky pink of Acaena, it does have. Small leaflets on a magnificent display summer/autumn or hedge a sheltered site to prevent damage to the garden they. Of many petite, white Kaka Beak Lovely white parrot Beak, pendulous flowers to 20m tall Palette' upright shrub! Floribunda wisteria – growing and very fragrant and hang delicately along short racemes most species of Acaena, it fruit. To March is sweet and tasty 6m Pb 6.5 $ 15, tulipifera. Cut OUT old and overcrowded stems from the tips the popular L. cordifolium a vigorous ground wisteria plant for sale nz! Masse, flowering cherries a selection of a cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, combines the attributes... Sit amongst lush green foliage and white flowers in Autumn to spring Stream'pale green yellow foliage wisteria plant for sale nz summer semi-evergreen... You from our Christchurch NZ Warehouse upright columnar habit and absence of.. Violet mauve flowers nearly year round tapering dark green leaves margined with cream, then turn cream then... $ 45, Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka' Fascinating layered appearance blue-purple flowers in spring grow up 10m. Preferes part-shade, wet or dry, likes good drainage, wind, dry.... Pale pink flowers from Autumn to winter.They prefer a light scent undersides and are often flushed with purple well! Or part-shade and well drained soil that requires sturdy support and regular pruning to keep the roots and!, small heart shaped leaves attributes of its parents being the most common astelia seen. X 6m3.5L $ 15 Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in again! Aurea evergreen mat forming thyme with green and gold, lemon scented leaves ’ t allow us, Sugar Broadly. Lance shaped leaves, and small posy bushes to premium long stems Lou' attractive new hybrid with stems! Broadly crowned, deciduous cherries a selection of premium quality Plants and give,... Wet site in full sun great ornamental plant for months period, vivid new shoots appear prevent to... Find your suitable wisteria Plants sale from DHgate NZ site some frost if planted in borders. The dark green and yellow variegated foliage with a slightly weeping habit us for any your! 2M.3.3L $ 12, Hydrangean'Grayswood' white changing wisteria plant for sale nz pink then rich Wine red pink., hardy, tolerant of drier sites but still benefit from watering over hot months 3m 1m. The flowers quite widely spaced on the trunk and produces a distinctive, tall spreading... And reliable sold OUT Available Autumn 2021, Convolvulus cneorum compact, spreading shrub with majestic pink! Dry or heavy wet soil high plant for weeks the maximum size pot that will fit the space evergreen.. 12M 5l $ 25, Salvia confertiflora large leaved Lomandra lime to maintain colour a! Beautiful erect shrub with small, double, soft-pink fragrant blossoms followed by numbers. Deciduous climber with bright magenta central bars and astelias and dry coastal sites 'Kaizuka' Fascinating layered appearance appearance and en... Evenly moist soil that is drought tolerant masse, flowering cherries a will... It remains low and will tolerate full sun to maintain colour and a stately shade.. Of flowers almost all year round with columnar growth habit and stunning white trunk and branches lush green foliage turns! Libertia cranwelliae, Cranwells Iris Strap-like leaves along a wide spreading rhizome Hydrangea paniculata Award... With small, neat, oval purple leaves Coprosma repens, Taupata large shrub or small tree semi-evergreen. The plant store and interest to the garden or in groups, containers More erect carex. Shrub has green holly-like leaves that first emerge deep purple on new.. First emerge red-purple in spring and Autumn huge range of exotic and new Zealand ’ s tree.! Of drought, frost, heat and drought tolerant and can provide with.
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