This feature acts like a bucket seat that cradling your feet on all sides to provide superior protection and enhanced performance benefits that can be felt in each step you take while wearing the shoes. Because of its sensitivity level, it’s perfect for learning to run with a forefoot or midfoot landing stride, which can also give you some physiological benefits. The Lone Peak 3.0 has heavy, large, and ample lugs placed on the bottom of the shoe, with a majority of the outsole being rubber. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You might be able to get away with using the others for road running, but with the Lone Peak … Product Differences. €86. This has reduced the weight of the Lone Peak 4.5 a fraction and makes it feel lighter because it isn’t strapped so snugly to your foot. Acquista online! It has the best price vs performance balance, and therefore the Best … Question. La Superior 4 est donc la plus légère jamais produite par Altra dans sa gamme trail running. When it comes to materials, both shoes are incorporated with MaxTrac rubber, which is a perfect amalgamation of durability, traction, and grip that will easily overcome challenging terrains like a boss. Feel free to read my stories and leave some comments if you like. The Lone Peak 4.5 has the most volume of all the Altra trail shoes. On the other hand, its midsole features the brand’s proprietary Quantic foam. Looking to get a solid trail runner for LW backpacking and interested in making the switch to a 0mm-Drop shoe. The Timp 1.5 is a zero-drop trail running shoe from Altra that hits a sweet spot of cushioning between their popular Lone Peak and their max-cushioned Olympus. Lone Peak 4’s mildly sloppy fit only provides extra comfort and also makes it a better option for running or hiking on mellow trails. It figures because it has a Dual Layer EVA / A-Bound™ midsole, which provides it more feet protection. An important thing in hiking footwear is also the weight. The Superior is substantially lighter, more nimble, and less protective than both models. This built-in design of StoneGuard rock shield feels less protective, less cushioned, and thinner underfoot compared to the previous versions of Altra Lone Peaks. Notice the toe of the outsole detaching. I was pretty excited about it and had to wait patiently for a few months until it was finally released this year. Gear Review: Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM We have a few seasons in Montana: First Snow, Winter Mud, Snow II, False Spring, Second Winter, Real Spring, Big Mud, and Summer. These lugs are placed in rows over the push-off point in the shoes’ forefoot for better traction. I felt more balanced. In my experience, the Lone Peak 3.5s begin to deteriorate after the 100-150 mile mark, and by the 350 mile mark are near retirement. Lone Peak 4 is perfect as a hiking shoe. The Lone Peak 4.0 fits better all around than the previous version, with better foothold where you want it–the ankle and midfoot–while still giving you that wide toe box Altra is known for. Experience the difference of our FootShape™ and ZeroDrop™ design. Have a running battle with Planters Fasciitis and the Lone Peak's have helped considerably. One major gripe they’ve addressed: the Lone Peak now fits true to size. With the Lone Peak becoming more dialed in, the Superior 3.5 seemed a bit too clunky and heavy. Main Differences Between Altra vs Hoka. Both shoes feature a 0 drop. The heel and midfoot feel nicely locked in while maintaining the roomy toe box that Altra is known for. The only issue in terms of stability is that the shoe doesn’t lock the user’s foot in place securely and seems to remain a little bit sloppy. Something you’d want to take on a more technical trail. Something you’d want to take on a more technical trail. The Lone Peak 4.5's fit slightly narrower compared to the Timp 2.0's in the upper. Lone Peak ALL-WTHR ! The Superiors come in at 8.9oz and the Loan Peaks come in at 10.5oz. Not familiar with Inov-8's, but can speak to the Altra's. It is very stable on the trail, and it’s lightweight. Long story short, the Altra Superior 4.5 is a minimalist, zero drop trail running shoe which is very suitable for daily lives as well as short trail runs and for hiking. I have no experience with the Lone Peaks but from feeling them in the store, they seem to have a lot of cushioning and protection. In particular, the outsole of Superior 4 is changed a little bit. While that’s probably because the StoneGuard is built-in, which means my feet would hurt less on stony terrain, I did really like the natural ground feel of the Superior. I’m excited to go on my first trail run with it. Most trail runners should last around 500 miles, depending on the trail conditions. Toaks VS Snow Peak: Which of the Two is the Best? I am combining these comparisons into one because the Lone Peak and Timp have much more in common with each other than either shoe does with the Superior 4.0. Both shoes are zero drop, which is of course super important to make … I looked into it and it’s because of the cleat, which is called the TrailClaw™, at the back of the sole that acts as a brake. Not familiar with Inov-8's, but can speak to the Altra's. Il s’appelle désormais « Quantic ». However, some users actually love this feature because it keeps a comfortable fit that doesn’t pressure the feet anywhere. Preview: Altra Timp. Comment about your experiences below! Both of these models have Altra’s signature FootShape toe box ZeroDrop platform that makes them more comfortable than most hiking shoes. The blisters were awful, I tell you. We’ve carried over classic features like StoneGuard™ for lightweight rock protection and MaxTrac™ with a multi-directional lug … One of the things that makes the Lone Peak superior (ha) to some of the other Altra trail shoes is the outsole: rugged, multidirectional lugs. As for trail running, the Lone Peak 4 will perform much better on smoother trails. This is a safety feature that I don’t think I can sacrifice. Both have their benefits, and below are the key … The Lone Peak you know and love with some trail-tested upgrades. However, it prevents it from being a good option for speedy and challenging mountain races. ... Common Features. It figures because it has a Dual Layer EVA / A-Bound™ midsole, which provides it more feet protection. The shoe appeared to be a lot more like the Lone Peak and a whole lot less like its predecessor, the Superior 1.5. Along with a simplified lacing system, this new model has been trimmed down for more flexibility and comfort while retaining the original feel and legacy you know and love. Moreover, Superior 4 comes with an upgraded upper design that is incorporated with a wrap-around, burrito-style tongue. Merrell Hiking Shoes Review: 7 Awesome Shoes That Will Never Fail You, Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet: You Need to Make Comfort Your Priority, Keen Koven Review: Excellent Hiking Shoes That Will Amaze You. The latest zero drop trail shoes released by Altra is its lone peak 1.5 series. The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 came in at $120. Also, the fit of the forefoot is now much longer and wider. I keep hearing and seeing great things from Altra so I am interested in trying them out. The Lone Peak 4 now comes with less foam but has been replaced by a StoneGuard rock shield. But just like with any other trail running shoes, it doesn’t really remain sticky on wet trails. With Lone Peak 4, your foot will have a better ground feel. I want one that I can use both for my usual hiking or backpacking as well as my first venture into trail running. There were a couple times where the ground got stony and I felt it more. ... Escalante Escalante Racer Escalante 2 Lone Peak Lone Peak 4 Lone Peak 4.5 Superior 4 Torin 4 Paradigm 4.5 Olympus 3.5 Provision 4 Kayenta Solstice XT DUO 1.5 VIHO. 130,00 € man. CA$126. Currently own 3 pairs of the lone peak 3's (including 1 low, 1 low neo, 1 mid neo). I wore these out for a test drive and absolutely loved the toe box. For footwear on the trail, Altra’s Lone Peak shoe is by far the number one choice among ultralight backpackers. The Verdict: Altra Superior vs. Lone Peak, MaxTrac Rubber, StoneGuard, Rubbery Plastic, Insole incorporated with two StoneGuard, Midsole made of soft Quantic foam, Outsole made of MaxTrac rubber, Insole also comes with two StoneGuard, Midsole made of EVA foam, A-bound foam, and StoneGuard, Outsole made of MaxTrac rubber, Zero heel-drop; Minimally padded shoes; Stable on the trail; Ideal for mellow trails; New upper design; Minimal amount of Quantic foam underfoot; Low midsole stack made of soft Quantic foam; Supple and sensitive; Seamless burrito tongue design; Sticker rubber; FootShape Toe Box; 4-Point GaiterTrap; TrailClaw; Quantic, Comfortable and Ergonomic; Zero drop shoe; Roomy fit in the toe box; Drains water well; Sensitive & responsive; 25mm of EVA foam cushioning underfoot; Reduced padding inside the shoe; Four-point gaiter trap system; Aggressive outsole design; Durable mesh upper with integrated tongue; A-bound cushioning; FootShape Toe Box; 4-Point GaiterTrap; TrailClaw. The Lone Peak 4 is a fresh take on the brand’s original trail shoe along with some cool improvements. The color we tested was honestly a little odd to us and wouldn’t be our first choice given it seemed to discolor easily, so the darker seems like the better option. Hikers’ HQ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca, etc.) Hikers who love large amounts of foam for protection from rocks and roots may get a little bit disappointed with this new design of Lone Peak 4. Moreover, its upper has been totally reengineered in a wrap-around design for extra support and security. The rows of pretty small lugs are all lined up over the push-off points of the shoes’ forefoot. The Quick And Effective Procedure On How To Fix A Tent Zipper. The Superior 4.5 definitely has a lower-volume fit than the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 or Olympus 4 — the Superior 4.5 fits much more similarly to the Altra Timp 2.0 (which is to be expected, since the Timp and Superior are reportedly built on the same last). De nombreuses chaussures de trail d’Altra utilisent cette technologie, notamment la célèbre Lone Peak 4.0. Discover the three technologies that made us unique. Also, there are two holes that are cut out of the toe cap in order to enable drainage. SUPERIOR 4.5. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Ce matériau est léger et offre une excellente respirabilité, garantissant une expérience de course fraîche et sèche. ... Superior 4.5. This design actually leads to a more stable shoe, particularly when traveling downhill and landing. According to one review, however, the Lone Peak loses out to the Superior when it comes to traction. If you want new shoes to fit your backpacking and hiking style and will also do an excellent job of introducing you to trail running, then the Altra Superior 4 will do the job. Its new upper comes with the same built-in tongue just like the previous version. At 8.7oz, this model is also heavier than the Superior. If we need to rank the Altra Lone Peak 4.5, it will be definitely in between the Superior 4 and the Timp 2. OP, try both shoes and find the right fit. The LP4 introduced a rockplate that made the shoe heavier without any apparent benefit, and the LP4.5 revision did nothing much to help. With a really low inclination to cause your ankle to roll, the Superior 4.0 is more stable than Superior 3 and Superior 3.5. The Lone Peak’s lugs are still not as grippy as the almost-gecko-like lugs of shoes like the Inov-8 Roc-lites, but then the Lone Peak soles are more protective. I guess that’s because I forgot to insert the StoneGuard. In reality, this particular pattern is not really ideal on soft and slippery surfaces such as wet grass, mud, or snow. I’ve been thinking of trying out something new, so I started looking for the right shoes for this. ESCALANTE RACER. Altra King MT vs Lone Peak? It has a 28 mm stack height, which puts it between the Lone Peak 3.0/3.5 and Olympus 2.5, which are 25 mm and 36 mm, respectively. Its zero-drop platform improved loose and sensitivity, and comfortable fit makes it perfect for hiking. Its MaxTrac rubber is really sticky on both dry and wet rocks and effectively grips the trail. As you know, I hike to de-stress. £150.00. Since I have wide feet, the extra room feels amazing. Entra nel nuovo sito online di Altra Running e scopri le migliori scarpe e l'abbigliamento da uomo per la corsa e il trail running. On smooth trails, its sensitivity level can give you a better running or hiking experience. Altra Lone Peak’s upper is also now a bit less protective because it now comes more thin TPU overlays and thinner ripstop nylon. Since it doesn’t come with the weird tongue design and upper material unlike Superior 3, it is now more comfortable. Our hope for the 4.5 is that Altra truly better defines the positioning between the Superior, Lone Peak, TIMP, and Olympus. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. These seemingly minor adjustments enhanced Lone Peak 4’s absorptive qualities. Timp 1.5 vs. Superior 3.0. Tomas, with Altra Zero Drop, stopped by Tahoe Mountain Sports to show us the Superior, Lone Peak and Olympus models from the Altra trail running shoe line. The Timp’s upper is based on the Torin 3.0, which is Altra’s original and most popular road shoe. Main Differences Between Altra vs Hoka. TORIN 4.5 PLUSH. However, I do want my new shoes to fit my usual hiking and backpacking style, and will also do a good job of introducing me to trail running. Altra Shoes on Sale Lone Peak Neoshell 3.0 — Men’s: $90 (40% Off) Stay dry on even the wettest trails with the waterproof Lone Peak Neoshell 3.0. I'm Laura. Hats In Stock! Furthermore, the Altra Lone Peak 4 is pretty wide throughout, particularly in the forefoot. It now comes with lighter weight, upgraded upper and tongue design, and comes with much stickier rubber. Altra decided that the upper of the Lone Peak fitted so well that these tapes weren’t needed. The shoe I have used the most for backpacking is the Superior 3.0, which is very … The Altra Lone Peak 4 comes with plenty of great improvements from a shoe that seemed to have lost its way. Is it the Altra Superior or the Lone Peak? The Altra Superior 4 is greatly improved compared to its previous Superior line versions. I wish to share my experience during the adventure with you through this blog. Hydro Flask or Yeti — Which is the best tumbler for you? Or if you’re looking to trail on rocky and much more challenging trails. Instead, it now comes with a seamless tongue that is incorporated to the upper on one side, so it wraps your foot. The adhesive used seems to wear … This particular design enables the user’s toes to relax and spread out naturally for more stability and comfort in both downhill descents and uphill climbs.

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